• ZSC – Big Save

    ZSC – Big Save

    Company: Habegger AG, 2013 Task: Create animated ice hockey goalie Problem: Character animation in after effects Solution: Apply inverse kinematics to […]

  • The Voice of Switzerland – Promo Trailer

    The Voice of Switzerland – Promo Trailer

    Company: Constantin Entertainment, 2013 Task: Integrate studio shots into real life environment Problem: Shaking tram, lots of wires, no […]

  • AV Alliance

    AV Alliance

    Company: Habegger AG, 2011 Task: Create animation from scratch Problem: Only one single illustration provided Solution: […]

  • VW Passat – Awareness

    VW Passat – Awareness

    Company: Stories AG, 2010 Task: Replace Number Plate Problem: No clean plate provided. Solution: 3D Tracking […]

  • Swisscom – Livepause

    Swisscom – Livepause

    Company: Stories AG, 2010 Task: Integrate background to command centre and add glass components, add content […]

  • Swisscom – Sendervielfalt

    Swisscom – Sendervielfalt

    Company: Stories AG, 2010 Task: Add content to tv screen in living room Problem: No reflections […]

  • MMs – Gewinnervideo

    MMs – Gewinnervideo

    Company: Markenfilm CH, 2010 Task: Develop production strategy, integrate CGI and finalize Problem: Minimize production time […]

  • Cargo


    Company: Atlantis Films, 2009 Task: Green screen compositing Problem: wobbly props Solution: Stabilizing and compositing, green […]

  • Heldin der Luefte

    Heldin der Luefte

    Company: Pret-a-Tourner, 2008 Task: Green screen compositing Problem: Seperate helicopter doors, Empty TV Solution: Stabilize, green screen […]

  • Hauert – Grüezi

    Hauert – Grüezi

    Agency: Crome Communications, 2008 Task: Add Matterhorn and entire mountainrange Problem: Establishing shot was speedramped Solution: […]

  • Basel Versicherung – Präventation

    Basel Versicherung – Präventation

    Agency: Crome Communications, 2008 Task: Add Storm Problem: Sunny day Solution: Warp masked storm-cloud, key and rotoscope girl, add rain […]

  • Lissy und der wilde Kaiser

    Lissy und der wilde Kaiser

    Company: herbX, 2007 Task: Primary colour correction, compositing, VFX devellopment Problem: multilayered cgi, inconsistent renderings Solution: […]

  • Maggi – Rich Soup

    Maggi – Rich Soup

    Company: Ultra Images, 2005 Task: Animate and “burst open” sachet Problem: 2 still illustrations provided Solution: […]

  • Swisslife


    Company: ultra images AG, 2005 Task: Paint out big Puma logo, composite Problem: Character is turning […]

  • Caffee Caruso – Caruso Festival

    Caffee Caruso – Caruso Festival

    Company: Ultra Images, 2004 Task: Develop old film effect Problem: avoid using plug-ins Solution: scan paper tears, coffee stains, scotch […]

  • Garnier – Lift

    Garnier – Lift

    Company: Ultra Images, 2003 Task: Adapt pack-shot for swiss market Problem: moving packshot Solution: Stabilize, paint, create dummy tube and […]